Head Gear with Face Guard

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Introducing our Head Gear with Face Guard, the perfect accessory for boxers who prioritize safety during sparring. This protective gear features extra thick, layered foam padding that provides a comfortable barrier against even the toughest punches. The padded, molded face bar also offers additional protection for your face. The head gear comes with fully adjustable lace-tie top and leather chin strap to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any head size.

With awesome visibility, you can easily see your opponent's movements while keeping your face and head protected. This Head Gear with Face Guard is perfect for training before the big fight or when you prefer to avoid face contact. Invest in this gear and spar with confidence!

  • Extra thick, layered foam
  • Adjustable lace-tie top
  • Leather chin strap
  • Easy to size up and down
  • Nose strap for protection

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