Contender Crossbody Bag


Don't miss the Contender Crossbody Bag, the perfect accessory for any athlete on the go. Made from high-quality materials, this bag features a durable exterior made from 100% Poly ripstop, ensuring that it can stand up to even the toughest conditions.

The interior of the Contender Crossbody Bag is made from soft and comfortable Polyester Taffeta pop blue color, making it easy to keep all of your essentials organized and within reach. The split pocket interior allows you to keep your items separate and easily accessible, while the waterproof zipper at the front keeps your belongings safe and dry.

The Contender Crossbody Bag also features a Velcro strip on the front, allowing you to easily attach your patches and show off your personal style and achievements. The adjustable logo printed strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making it easy to carry your essentials with you wherever you go.

Whether you're heading to the gym or running errands, the Contender Crossbody Bag is the perfect choice for any athlete on the go. Invest in the Contender Crossbody Bag today and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality.

  • Exterior: 100% Poly ripstop
  • Interior: Polyester Taffeta pop blue color
  • Waterproof zipper at front
  • Split pocket interior
  • Velcro on front for your patches
  • Adjustable logo printed strap

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